iggyreese is a wearable companion who uses camera vision (OpenMV) and voice detection (Google AIY) to support me throughout the day. In the current iteration, iggyreese is a face activated Google Assistant with personalized functions to bring joy and calm into my world.

iggy's biggest contribution to my day, and my anxiety, is humor. iggy is programmed with several songs and sound clips that are played when a particular word is heard. I am also able to ask iggy for a particular visualization that I use often to calm my anxiety and focus my intentions.

iggy is a repurposed plush frog using Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Google AIY Kit and OpenMV Cam H7.




iggyreese: wearable companion


Process Documentation

Original Concept:

Final: Robot Project Ideas

Exploration and Concept Update:

Play Test #1 with Frog

Final Update: From Creepy to Comforting....mostly.

Development and Fabrication:

OpenMV: Motors

Google Assistant: Camera to Button




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